Why Choose Us

If you or a loved one is seeking private, in-home treatment, Turning Point can help.

Why choose us?

Experience: Turning Point is owned and operated by a Registered Nurse who has specialized in addiction nursing for over 12 years.

Peace of mind: Our RN’s have worked at the best treatment centers in the country, are trained in addiction and understand withdrawal symptoms.

Privacy: Professionalism and privacy are our No. 1 priorities.

Discretion: RN’s dress in everyday clothing, so they can accompany clients on public outings without drawing attention.

Comfort: Specialists are kind, caring and compassionate.

Assistance: RN’s provide more than just nursing care – they will prepare light meals for clients, help families understand the detox and recovery process, act as a liaison between MD and all other treatment professionals involved in case, will provide transportation to all appointments, and will help clients set up an after care plan for continued recovery.