Staying sober while in treatment is just the beginning. Many clients will benefit from the extra support of a sober companion. These specialists can provide support to and from treatment or during a transition period while a newly sober person is learning how to live a healthy, productive lifestyle back in their community. These specialists can be requested for 24-hour support or during especially stressful times such as business travel or social events.

All of our companions have been sober for at least 5 years (most of them more), experienced treatment themselves and are active in the Alcoholics Anonymous community.

Sober companion responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Escorting clients to meetings.
  • Engaging clients in sober lifestyle changes.
  • Assisting clients in day-to-day living strategies and stresses.
  • Enforcing relapse prevention techniques.
  • Being an overall support system for the newly sober client.