Q.  During an in-home detox can I leave my house?

Yes.  During the first few days we suggest you stay at home and relax. Once you feel comfortable, you can leave the house as you please.  Our specialists dress in professional, yet casual attire, so no one will know you have a nurse or companion with you while you are out in the community.

Q.  What if I can’t take time off work during my detox?

Our professional nurses and companions have accompanied clients on movie sets, music tours and business travel trips.  We can help you continue your lifestyle while safely detoxing.  It is best for you to take time off, but if you must continue working and the treatment team is in agreement, we will accommodate your work schedule.

Q.  What if I decide to go into treatment, after I start my in-home detox?

Based on your personal needs, we can help arrange a higher level of care.

Q.  Do you accept insurance?

No.  All of our services are private pay only.

Q.  Will I have the same gender professional caring for me in my home?

Nursing services do not guarantee the same gender.  However, we do match genders for sober companion services.

Q.  Does a sober companion need to be with me 24 hours per day?

We recommend 24 hour support if you are newly sober, but each case is based on the individual. We will accommodate suggestions from the patient and the treatment team.