Debra Lloyd

Addiction RN and owner of Turning Point Nursing

Debbie Lloyd is one of the top registered nurses working in the addiction field today with more than 12 years of experience, including time spent on the A&E reality show “Intervention.”

From the homeless on Los Angeles’ Skid Row to the rich and famous of Hollywood, Debbie has spent years helping addicts and their loved ones on the road to recovery.

She has worked alongside leading doctors, therapists and interventionists across the country at top treatment facilities like the Betty Ford Center and UCLA Hospital. Her experience includes inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation as well as in-home care and detox.

Debbie is continually attending addiction and mental health conferences and classes and is always up to date on current addiction trends, treatments, medications and resources available to families.

Debbie and her company, Turning Point Nursing, have been offering specialized confidential treatment to clients since 2006.

Work Experience:

UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital: Worked with patients diagnosed with drug addiction and mental illness.

“Intervention”: Transported clients to treatment facilities across the country.

Turning Point Nursing.: Give high profile clients in-home treatment services, while collaborating with top medical professionals regarding the patient’s care.

Betty Ford Center: Admit patients to the center and oversee the care of up to 120 clients per shift.